By Dave Lewis

Previously:  The Coronado Expedition reached the Zuni village of Hawikuh in July 1540.  The Zuni tried to send the Spaniards on their way with assurances that they would find cities of gold if they just kept going.  Coronado would fall for this line just a few more times.


Hoping to find riches without having to go too much farther, Coronado remained at Hawikuh for three months while scouting parties searched for other villages.  He learned of multi-story pueblos to the northwest in a province called Tusayan — the Hopi lands of northern Arizona.  Pedro de Tovar went to investigate.  The Hopi had heard through the “moccasin telegraph” that unwelcome strangers were on the way, but they discovered resistance against the Spaniards was futile, as it had been for the Zuni at Hawikuh.  Futile, too, was the Spanish hope for easy wealth.

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